Bambam, Teddy A
Bambam and Teddy A. Source: Instagram.

Controversial Big Brother Naija housemate Cee-c has opined that Bambam is in love with Teddy A because of his handsome looks.

She said this in a chat with housemate Khloe on Wednesday night.

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Cee-c and Khloe who spent the better part of the night talking about their fellow housemates, had different opinion on the relationship of Teddy A and Bambam.

Khloe opined that their relationship would last, not because Teddy A was perfect but because “Bambam can tolerate a lot”.

Khloe said, “If God be for them, let’s respect it that way”

Cee-C asked in amazement, “You mean it will work?

Koko replied, “The reason I said it would work is that Bambam can tolerate a lot. She can tolerate a lot.”

Cee-C maintained that Bammy tolerated alot because they were in the house and because Bambam loved Teddy A’s looks.

“It would work,” Khloe argued.

See the video below: