Khloe. Source: Instagram.

Big Brother Naija 2018 controversial housemate Khloe was at loggerheads with a housemate again on Wednesday, and this time it was Teddy A.

The argument broke out over a piece of meat she cooked and which Teddy A took without telling her about first.

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The incident occurred shortly after former Super Eagles players, Joseph Yobo and Victor Ekpeba concluded their visit and exited the house.

Khloe, upon finding out a piece of meat had been taken confronted the much-taller Teddy A and said, “I cook meat and you went to the pot and take it, and you are a man.

“I cook this meat and I am going to serve it; Teddy, you do this thing all the time. I will ‘F’ you up,” she angrily jabbed at him.

“I will show that I get ‘Wahala’; are you the one that bought the meat,” Teddy said in response, challenging her to beat him if she can manage it.

“All you do is making noise in the house; I will frustrate you in this house; I will kill you in this house.

“Have you been to where I have been; I carry meat and you are shouting, is it your meat. If I like I will carry another one,

“You cannot do me anything even on my broken kneels you cannot beat me”, he added.

Khloe was not ready to let go as she also lashed out at him.

“I have not been to where you have gone, but you are here struggling for money with me.

“Why won’t I shout, the meat is for everybody”, Khloe said.

Quite a bit of cussing and hurtful words were exchanged before some of the housemates were able to restore peace.