Tobi, Alex
Tobi and Alex. Source: Instagram.

Big Brother Naija 2018 housemate Tobi has re-emphasised, that his reason for being on the reality TV show is to with the N45 million.

In a chat with Alex on Wednesday night, the housemate told Alex that even if they are friends, he will compete with her for the grand prize.

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“I am here for the money,” Tobi said, before revealing that he likes her a lot.

He added, “I like you a lot, Alex. But I am here for the money and I will compete against you for the money.

“However, I will not kill you or do anything that will hurt you for the money.”

The housemate then gave Alex a friendly advice on how to stay focused on achieving success.

Tobi who has emerged Head of House for the fourth added that every week, he does his best to win every tasks.

He added, “I look forward to winning the Head of House challenge every time. I am here for the money and every other is extra and important as well.

“Always put your best foot forward. Now that you realise you are doing this not just for you but for yourself and your family, avoid letting negative people affect your vibe.”