People gather at a memorial on Manezhnaya Square to pay tribute to the victims of a Siberian shopping mall fire. AFP

Russia on Wednesday held the first funerals for the victims of a fire that ravaged a busy shopping centre in Siberia and killed 64 people.

Flags were lowered and entertainment events cancelled for the day of mourning, three days after the devastating blaze on Sunday in the city of Kemerovo.

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It comes amid widespread public anger at the blatant safety violations at the mall where children were trapped in a locked cinema and the fire alarm system was broken.

The youngest victim according to an official list published by Kemerovo authorities was a two-year-old boy, while at least 19 of the 64 people killed were under 10.

The authorities have made efforts to show concern, with President Vladimir Putin visiting the scene and upbraiding officials, although some observers criticised the official reaction as insufficient and belated.

In Kemerovo region, relatives on Wednesday were holding the first funerals for victims as 27 bodies have been identified, regional emergencies minister Alexander Mamontov said.

Among those laid to rest were 57-year-old Nadezhda Agarkova who died together with her two grandchildren Konstantin, 8, and Maria, 10, in the mall’s cinema, RIA Novosti state news agency reported.