King Salman al-Saud. AFP

The Saudi Arabian government on Sunday disclosed that it has intercepted seven missiles fired from Yemen, killing one man and many injured.

Saudi Arabia’s air force intercepted the missiles, adding that debris rained down on residential suburbs from the interceptions, killing one man, the Saudis said in a statement.

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Coalition forces spokesman Col. Turki Al Maliki said the missiles were fired from Yemen at four target areas, and all the missiles were intercepted and destroyed, according to the statement.

This isn’t the first time the kingdom was the target of missile strikes from neighboring Yemen, but it is the first time there’s been a fatality on Saudi soil.

After previous interceptions, the Saudis responded with airstrikes on the Yemeni capital of Sana’a. The response to a fatal incident such as Sunday’s is likely to be even more punishing.

Three were aimed at the capital city of Riyadh, one was headed toward the southwest in Khamis Mushait, one along the southern border targeting Najran and two were headed for the southern city of Jizan.

The interception of the missiles led to fragments “raining on a few residential neighborhoods,” the statement said, which led to the death of an Egyptian resident and material damage to “civilian objects.”