election reordering

‘Timetable reordering my foot. What errant nonsense!’ Prof. Jaiye fumed as he ended a phone conversation. While still in that furious mood, he grabbed his brief case and headed towards the door.

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‘And where do you think you’re going to?’ Eniola ran after her husband.

‘Don’t be ridiculous, Eniola. Is this a kind of joke or something?’

‘I know you’re going for a meeting quite alright,’ she replied philosophically, ‘but are you going there putting on bathroom slippers?’

Prof. Jaiye’s eyes fell on the pair of slippers he wore on his corporate outfit! He sighed. The middle-aged man detests it whenever someone points out his mistakes. As he laced his shoes, his wife Eniola caresses his back.

‘Who were you arguing with over the phone?’

‘I’m going to teach that naughty boy a lesson or two in that campus!’ Jaiye, apparently lost in his rage, replied his wife through clenched teeth.


‘Ayoola, of course.’ Eniola, please, let’s talk about this when I come back.’

‘Ayoola; you mean Dr. Ayoola?’ the adamant Eniola persisted.

‘Who made him a Doctor?’ Prof. Jaiye stood in rage, ‘that boy is just about to start his doctorate degree programme. There is a wide difference between a raw material and a finished product.’

‘Okay, my professorial husband,’ Eniola teased, ‘but please, calm down and drive carefully; you know…’

Prof. Jaiye was already out of the house before she finished her admonitions.


A handful of university lecturers sat in a round-table session which seemed like it was never going to end.

‘No retreat, no surrender!’ Prof. Jaiye maintained, ‘we have to continue with the status quo.’

‘Sir, with all due respect, I believe a deviation from the norm is better.’  Ayoola argued.

‘I’m a sucker for constructive argument,’ Prof. Benson, the head of the committee, emphasized, ‘can we hear the reason(s) for your different notions?’

‘Thank you, Mr. Chairman,’ Prof. Jaiye, took the lead, ‘I strongly believe that the exam timetable should still retain its status quo that is, courses with high units should come first on the timetable before the low unit courses. My reason for this is basically because, students tend to put in their best in their exams when they are aware that they are writing the tough courses first.’

‘On the contrary,’ Ayoola refuted, ‘I feel the exam timetable should be reordered. That is, courses with low units should be written first before the high unit courses. This would bring about a balance in the students’ performance. Without flagging down professor Jaiye’s point, my few years on this campus revealed that when students write high unit courses first, their rate of preparation for the low unit courses afterward tend to decline; most of the time, the unruly students in their midst, take advantage of the relaxed exams atmosphere to stage an Aluta strike, ultimately disrupting the school calendar.

‘Lame excuse!’ Prof. Jaiye mocked, ‘that’s a myopic judgement!’

‘I take exceptions to that, sir!’ Ayoola rose in fury.

‘You think you can intimidate me with your height?’ Prof. Jaiye banged his clenched fist on the table.

‘Gentlemen, it’s okay!’ Prof. Benson demanded, ‘let’s resolve this issue amicably.’

‘I still hold on to my opinion; the exam timetable should retain its status quo!’ Prof. Jaiye asserted.

‘I totally oppose the motion,’ Ayoola countered, ‘ the exam timetable should be reordered!’. On and on the argument dragged till the Prof. Benson was forced to call for an adjournment since there was no compromise in sight.

Final Remarks: What’s the fuss about exam timetable? Taking a peep into the political terrain in Nigeria, a similar debate is currently raging between two Titans – the executive arm of government and the legislative.

While the legislative arm is pushing for the election timetable to be reordered with NASS elections coming first, the executive arm of government wants the election timetable to maintain its status quo with the presidential election coming first before other elections.

Hmmm! Who wins this debate? Nobody knows yet.

You can, however, follow the election reordering debate here.

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