Senator Ben Murray-Bruce (PDP-Bayelsa East) has commended Microsoft founder, Bill Gates, over his recent comment on Nigeria’s economy.

Gates, in his address at the National Economic Council Meetting, highlighted the importance of the human factor in national development and advised the government to take more practical steps in that regard.

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He stated that: “The Nigerian government’s Economic Recovery and Growth Plan identifies investing in our people as one of three strategic executives but the execution priorities don’t fully reflect people’s needs – prioritising physical capital over human capital.”

Reacting to the comments in a series of post on his Twitter page, the media mogul hailed Gates for telling the present administration the truth.

Murray-Bruce wrote: “The shots fired by @BillGates at @AsoRock today were timely and well said.

“This government has spent three years blaming the previous administration and not enough time preparing its own economic plans and implementing them. It took a foreigner to say this truth to power. Kudos!

“We have been saying these same things for years. When we say them, we are called wailers.

“But @BillGates is not a politician. He is not a wailer. He is a friend of Nigeria who has spent $1.6 billion of his own money trying to help poor people in Africa and particularly in Nigeria.”