Pope Francis
Pope Francis Photo: Twitter

The Head of the Vatican’s Communications Department, Monsignor Vigano, resigned on Wednesday, after being accused of manipulating information in a papal letter.

Vigano was also said to have resigned amid controversy over the release of a letter by retired Pope Benedict XVI about Pope Francis.

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“In the last few days, there have been a lot of polemics about my work,” Vigano wrote in a resignation letter to Pope Francis, published by the Vatican.

He said he was leaving in order not to “delay, damage or even block’ an ongoing reform of the Vatican’s communications machine, part of Francis’ wider overhaul of Vatican’s bureaucracy.

Vigano also released to the media a letter by former Pope Benedict XVI which put his successor Francis in a good light.

But passages in which Benedict was more critical were blurred out.

“After carefully reflecting and thinking over the reasons for your request… I respect your decision and I accept with some difficulty your resignation,” the Pope wrote to Monsignor Dario Vigano in a letter made public by the Vatican.