Cee-c and Alex fights. Source: Twitter.

It appears Big Brother Naija housemate Alex is on a mission to make her stance on ‘courtesy’ known in the house.

The 21-year-old housemate was seen in a footage demanding that she be spoken to with some respect by fellow housemate Teddy A.

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In a feud which resulted in trade of words, Alex tells Teddy to demand whatever he wants from her politely.

This occured when the housemates were provided with shirts for their Lumapil Forte malaria challenge on Monday.

Alex had picked the extra-large shirt meant for Teddy A and insisted that she wanted it, which led to the brawl.

Teddy wanted the shirt because of his body size but Alex was already in possession of the shirt which he requested for, according to her, ‘rudely’.

When she refused to hand it over to him, he said in a loud voice, “You are not under any right to say you want to wear the large or extra-large. I just allowed you just because I see you as a younger sister. Am I your younger brother? How dare you dictate for me, Anuofia!”

Reacting to his words, she said: “There’s no way I will give it to you. You are arrogant. I don’t care who you are. Who do you think you are?

“We all came here to learn and you must learn how to be polite by force,” she added.

See more of their feuds in the videos below: