Senator Ben Murray-Bruce (PDP-Bayelsa East) has taken back a statement he earlier made, where he accused senators of rejecting his proposal for the reduction of lawmakers wages and allowances.

The lawmaker in a post on his Twitter page had revealed that he was shut down when he demanded for a higher minimum wages for Nigerian workers.

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He noted that if legislators are paid higher than European legislators then the workers’s salary must be higher than that of European workers.

The now deleted tweet read: “From the first day I got to the Senate, I advocated for lower wages and allowances for public officials and a higher minimum wage for the Nigerian worker.

“I was resisted and made the personal decision to share my allowances with widows in my constituency.

“If we must pay our Legislators higher than they pay European Legislators then we must pay our workers higher than they pay European workers.”

However, in a tweet on his page on Wednesday the lawmaker stated that there was a misunderstanding about the earlier tweet.

Murray-Bruce also disclosed that senate spokesperson, Sabi Abdullahi, would address the media on the controversy surrounding lawmakers wages and allowance.

He wrote: “There was a misunderstanding about an earlier tweet. My colleagues never resisted clamour for lower pay.

“My decision to share my wages with my constituents was personal. All issues regarding l Senate’s allowances would be addressed by Chairman media committee Aliyu Sabi Abdullahi”

Senator Shehu Sani (APC-Kaduna Central) had disclosed that a member of the Senate receives N13.5million monthly as running cost.