Eucharia Anunobi Reveals Why Father Almost Disowned Him
Eucharia Anunobi, Photo credit: Instagram

Nollywood actress Eucharia Anunobi has revealed her father threatened to disown her when he learned she wanted to go into modelling.

According to Anunobi who is now a pastor, it was pretty hard convincing him that she wanted a place in the movie industry.

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“The first time my father saw me modelling, he said I wanted to bring shame to the Anunobi family,” she told Punch.

“He told me he would disown me if I didn’t do what he wanted. We fought over this for a long time but he didn’t succumb to my desire.

“When he told me to fill an employment form after my National Youth Service Corps, I refused.”

In addition, she noted that “At that time, most entertainers were into drugs; they didn’t represent the industry well. Whenever I remember my father’s drama, I don’t blame him for his action.

“I am sure that some people can associate with what I am saying because back then, parents didn’t want their children to go into entertainment.

“However, I was a graduate already and I was determined not to bring shame to my family. I used to go out secretly for auditions because I wasn’t supposed to be seen outside my house after 7pm.

“I only received my father’s blessing after I featured in the movie, Glamour Girls, and I showed him an award I got in London.”