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Periods usually occur once a month and around a particular period. The exact date is usually a give or take one day from the last. Except on rare occasions, when ladies say they were “surprised” by it, the onset of a woman’s period is usually preceded by a few symptoms but even these sometimes fail.

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To bypass the uncertainty, ladies, and even their male companions (brother, partner) can install on their devices any of the period tracking apps available in the app market. They not only give nearly accurate dates, they also help the user know more about her cycle and prepare ahead of the next period.

Period tracking is not solely to know if you are pregnant. It serves other purposes which are also as important. With a tracker, a user is able to observe the symptoms and know when it is a period indicator or not. This knowledge can mark the difference between getting early medical help or misreading a symptom which might have dire consequences.

There are a multitude of period app trackers and below are five that come well-recommended by users.


Clue logoClue uses science to help its users to identify unique patterns in their menstrual cycle. The app tracks the period alongside mood during the period. The app is highly interactive and the back and forth allows it to collect information on health and exercise pattern. Bust.com called it the IKEA of period trackers: minimalist, streamlined and customisable.

The user interface is simple with a promise by the designers to not add flowers. They pride themselves on “not pink”.
With clue, the more information you feed it, the better it works.

Period Calendar

Period Calendar logo

Period Calendar is a free period tracker that also collects information on intercourse, mood, birth control, and weight. In addition to these, information is provided on the fertile window of its user.

It reminds its user when the time for a pill is close too. It is available on both Android and iPhone.

My Calendar

My Calendar logo

My Calendar, like Clue, is a customisable period tracker. It is especially helpful for those with irregular cycles.

My Calendar lets you track regular and irregular periods, and sends you discreet reminders of approaching periods and fertile days.

For those who do not like people snooping around, the app can be password-protected.


Eve logo

 Eve is a period tracker that predicts upcoming periods and your chances of pregnancy. It also collects information and lets you go through old data.

My Cycles My Cycles logo

My Cycles tracks periods in a handy calendar and predicts future ones. With data collected, it provides information on your period, symptoms and fertile days.

With MyCycle, a user can know how probable are the chances of conceiving at a particular time as the app sends reminders during periods when the chances of conceiving are high.

All apps discussed here are free and available for both Android and iOs. The use of one app does not preclude the use of another. If it suits you, you can use more than one or try them all till you find the one that provides you with the help you want.