Teddy A

Big Brother Naija 2018 housemate, Teddy A has advised his former strategic partner and romantic interest, Bambam to take charge of her life.

Teddy suggested that she take a cue from a fellow housemate, Ifu Ennada and start living her life as she pleases.

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The University of Texas graduate, who has been mentoring the housemate on how to connect socially, said Bambam is hiding in a shell.

He said, “You must start living your life. Come out of your shell.

“Bambam, you are good but you seem to be subjecting yourself to some certain things, I don’t know.

“See, you are in Big Brother’s house and its left for you to make the best of it.

“Anyone who feels they’re too good for things that happen in the house shouldn’t have come here at all, do you get?”

He went on to tell her to dress as she pleases so long it is what she wants.

Bambam is reported to be a chorister at a pPentecostalecostal church and the daughter of a church elder.

“Do you know why I love Ifu Ennada? Come on, that girl is in control of herself. This moment she’s saying ‘I’m gonna suck your di*ck,” the next moment she’s asking for drink. That girl’s wild. She’s just herself. That’s how you should be.

“Not trying to live like her, but you must bring out the best in you,” Teddy added.