A 50-year-old mechanic has pleaded with an Iyana-Ipaja Customary Court to dissolve his marriage to his wife, Maria, over allegation of adultery.

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The mechanic, Gafau Shogaolu, told the court his wife had left him for another man and came back 15 years after, pleading for a second chance.

“My wife had a child for me before she left for another man, and came back 15 years after, begging me to take her back, which I did,” he said.

“I married another woman while she was away. When she came back, I got an apartment for her.

“I introduced her to the herbalist that took deliveries of the three children she gave birth to after she came back.

“Unknown to me, my wife went back and started having an affair with the herbalist,” he said.

Also, Shogaolu told the court he once caught his wife when she was about to enter the herbalist’s car.

But his 44-year-old wife denied all the allegations.

She, however, admitted that the herbalist asked her out.

“I am not having an affair with the herbalist, he only asked me out and I rejected his offer. I felt it was not necessary to inform my husband about the issue,” she said.

“I am not fetish. The small gourd is not mine. I asked Michael, my younger brother, who came to pay me a visit and he said he is the owner of the small gourd.”

The President of the court, Adekunle Hassan, called on Shogaolu to allow his wife to remain in his apartment until the case is disposed off.

The case was adjourned until May 22.