Why Youths Can't Be President - Sagay
File: Nigeria Youths Photo: Point Blank News

Itse Sagay (SAN) has said that Nigerian youths cannot be president because they are only interested in making quick money instead of building long-lasting legacies.

According to Sagay, although no one is stopping youths from contesting the post, Nigerian youths are good at talking without taking steps.

Sagay noted that if the youths were handed the mantle of leadership, the country would still struggle or even perform worse.

“Number one: it is shallow-thinking for anyone to think that if a youth becomes president, he will do better than the older one,” Sagay told Daily Independent.

“It is very shallow thinking because, as I see it, it is the youths of Nigeria today who believe in overnight wealth, who want billions overnight, who don’t want to work for their living and gradually build up their assets and business.”

He added that the “psychology of overnight wealth is almost exclusively a youth attribute.

“Number two: who is stopping the youths? All these people who are advocating that the youths should take over are in essence saying the older ones should just call the youths and say ‘come and take power.

“If you want power, you work for it. You are not going to sit down in your sitting room and somebody will bring power to you. Let them join the fray.”