Reno Omokri

Former Presidential New Media aide Reno Omokri has berated President Muhammadu Buhari for failing to visit victims of herdsmen attacks in Benue state.

In a post on his Facebook, the US based pastor condemned individuals for condoling with the president over the lose of his relations.

Omokri wrote: “Is it only Buhari that grieves when his relations die? Don’t Benue people grieve too?

“Is it only Buhari that is devastated when his son, Yusuf, is rushed to hospital? Don’t Benue people also love their sons and daughters that were killed by killer Fulani herdsmen?

“So why is Buhari receiving sympathizers yet he couldn’t sympathize with Benue?

“I was sick reading sycophants heap hypocritical condolence on Buhari and Buratai for losing relatives.

“To those sycophants that went to Aso Rock to ‘sympathize’ with Buhari on the loss of his in law, please ask him why he did not visit Benue to sympathize’ with Nigerians who lost parents and children to Buhari’s killer Fulani herdsmen kinsmen? Don’t they have feelings like Buhari?”