Fellow Nigerian Sold Me Into Slavery, Narrates Libya Returnee
Yearly, thousands of migrants from Sub-Sahara Africa head to Libya where they seek to cross over to Europe through the Mediterranean sea. Image: AFP

A Libya returnee Joy Jacob has revealed that fellow Nigerians sold her into slavery in the North African country.

Joy was among the fifth batch of 136 persons who arrived the country on Tuesday morning.

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Lamenting her ordeal, she said it was “horrible, sorrowful and unforgettable.’’

Continuing, she said: “Nigerians are selling fellow Nigerians into slavery in Libya; we are sold from one person to another, Libya people will buy us from our people and use us for any kind of work they like.

“I did not know that where I was in Kano was a boundary between Nigeria and another country until I saw myself surrounded with guns.

“My abductors told me that if I did not agree to go to Libya, they will kill me, so I had no option than to agree with them.

“They gave us Nigerian account numbers to pay the money they charged us before they freed us from their custody.”

She thus urged those seeking to travel illegally to jettison the idea but find ways to live a meaningful life in the country.