Ezeife Says APC Formed By Corrupt Politicians
President Buhari during APC’s mega rally ahead Anambra governorship election (photo: State House)

Former governor of Anambra state Chukwuemeka Ezeife has alleged that the All Progressives Congress (APC) was formed by corrupt men.

Ezeife said this on Monday in Bayelsa during the anniversary lecture to mark Governor Seriake Dickson six years in office.

He added that, although, the country’s current structure was not workable, what needed to be tackled is the endemic corruption.

“Our heroes past gave us a model; they gave a structured which worked. I testified and it has been confirmed by many people,” Ezeife said.

“When we talk of restructuring we mean, going back to the agreed Nigeria of 1954. Yes, there are so many elements, the APC came up with some ideas, I can see some meaningful development there, I have see the state police which is good and we may go beyond state police and have regional police.”

In addition, he said: “A state police controlled by the regional government which involves everybody in the zone will reduce too much power from the governors, but those who want to be governors are talking about state police as if it were a panacea. It will work but it has to be adjusted.

“What caused our problem is the messed up of our structure, in fact it is the major fact of what caused our problem. But what caused our problem is corruption. The root cause of our problem is corruption and unless we clear ourselves from it, that will be no change.

“How did APC get formed? Some corrupt men came from one party and build another party, today APC, corruption is in charge, PDP, and corruption is in charge. I am saying we must fight corruption.”