PregnancyA public health physician, Dr Shehu Martins, has said that frequent sex during pregnancy can lead to a miscarriage.

The doctor, a member of staff at St. Mary’s Catholic Hospital in Gwagwalada, FCT, told NAN there are hazards associated with constant intercourse for pregnant women.

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He said: “The cervix is hard structure created to hold the baby, fluid and placenta for nine months.

“A woman’s cervix goes through changes in late pregnancy and in early labour so that it can dilate to allow the baby pass through.

“Normally, it opens in three parts, that is when the woman is menstruating, during labour and having sex, but sex does not expand it.”

Martins added that sperm itself can trigger a miscarriage. Sperm, he said, can act ” like a foreign object and can lead to spontaneous miscarriages”.

“For such case, we say use protection until after five months of pregnancy.

“So, women should not go into vigorous sex because they hear others saying that the cervix will open fast following the number of sex you have during pregnancy.

“It will only open during spontaneous labour. We only induce the woman when it doesn’t open at the stage of serious labour.”