Few days after confessing that she was manipulated by some politicians and pastors to lie against Apostle Suleman, a contradictory confession from the lady in the center of the whole drama Stephanie Otobo has surfaced.

The Canada-based Nigerian singer is seen in a footage recorded on June 21, 2017 saying that the General Overseer of Omega Fire Ministries, Apostle Johnson Suleman, has told her to make a public confession against the government.

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She said she was recording the footage for fear of her actions in the future. Stephanie further emphasised that she would not give in to his demands to confess anything.

Sahara Reporters, however, have released this footage to show that the recent confession may have been scripted by the cleric.

It was gathered that two people identified as Chidi and Erica recorded the 2017 footage for Canada-based Worship Media.

They said they met Stephanie shortly after the sex scandal broke between her and Apostle Suleman and they offered her spiritual and moral support.

Chidi and Erica said that Stephanie told them that she was being pressurized by Apostle Suleman to apologize and lie that it was the Nigerian government that hired her to destroy him.

They said she urged them to release the video in case any strange confession surfaces in the future.

She thanked those who have supported her and said that Apostle Suleman was pressurizing her family and friends to make her lie against the government.

“This is what Suleman is asking me to do.”

Chidi said he recently received a text from a source working with Apostle Suleman on Sunday, warning him not to release any more video claiming that she had also confessed that he was among the plan to destroy Suleman.

The aide also promised to release videos showing Stephanie saying Chidi was part of the plot, however, he said he has informed his lawyers.

It was gathered that since her confession, last Saturday, Stephanie has not been seen in public.