Ondo State To Train Libya Returnees
File picture of Libya returnees/Photo: NAN

The Ondo government has revealed it will help Libya returnees from the state acquire new skills that will help them make a living.

Governor Rotimi Akeredolu revealed this at the Ondo State Correctional Home, Akure, where they are being temporarily housed.

According to the governor, who expressed joy that the returnees survived their ordeal in Libya, said they were fortunate to return home.

“I rejoice with you for surviving the ordeal of making it to and fro Libya. You are fortunate to be alive. The governor welcomes you all home with warm greetings and say Ondo State is big enough to accommodate you,” the governor noted.

“We are going to take care of you. Government will help you acquire any skills you want and set you up, to rehabilitate all of you so you can eke out a living.”

The returnees landed at the Port Harcourt International Airport in Rivers state in batches, comprising 10 males and 12 females, among them a pregnant woman and a baby girl.