Ijaw Group Demands Restructuring
Ijaw Youth Council (IYC) members during a protest march.

Restructuring is the only way to address the challenges facing the country, says the Ijaw Peoples Development Initiative (IPDI).

Spokesman of the group Daniel Ezekiel said restructuring would also promote development of all sectors of the nation’s economy.

Recall President Muhammadu Buhari had in his New Year’s day message said the country did not need restructuring.

According to Buhari, Nigeria’s problems had to do more with process, not structure.

But the group has noted that: “We believe that when restructured, this country will not only know peace, but it will also enjoy unprecedented  growth and prosperity  on  all fronts, with each region embracing hard work and looking inward for the betterment of its people,” Ezekiel said.

“Without sounding like as a prophet of doom, we want to say it emphatically that Nigeria is sitting on a keg of gun powder and if allowed  to explode with the way Nigeria is going, it will be extremely difficult for the country to survive, hence, the need for restructuring.”