Nigerian woman
Dr Hemel and Toyin Ogundipe. Source: DailyMail.

The birth of a baby boy on board Air France flight by a Nigerian woman has left fellow passengers and the airline crew extremely excited.

The woman, identified as Toyin Ogundipe, 41, was on a flight from Paris to New York when she entered into labour.

Mailonline reported that the flight was about 35,000 feet above sea level and four hours away from the destination when her contraction began.

Ogundipe, a UK-based Nigerian banker and mother of two, had gone into labour earlier than her due date and was in severe pains.

The boy was born after a 30-minutes labour and was named Jake.

Nigerian woman
During the delivery on board Air France. Source: DailyMail.

Dr Sij Hemel, a passenger who helped with the delivery, said he was glad everything came out successful.

“We’re trained to stay calm and think clearly in emergency situations. I just tried to think ahead to what might go wrong and come up with a creative solution,” he said.

Hemel, a Urology resident at Ohio, said he was glad he did not have a champagne before the emergency.

“I thought I’d just have a drink and fall asleep. As it turned out, I’m glad I didn’t drink anything”

Jake on December 17. Source: Daily Mail.

Talking about his fear on the possibility of losing the mother to incidences of over bleeding and shock after birth, he insisted that everything worked out as well as it could have.

Dr Hemel was on a vacation in New Delhi, India, and was flying coach class via Paris and New York on his way back to Cleveland Ohio on December 17.

The doctor, who is said to be a Urologist at Cleveland Clinic Glickman Urological and Kidney Institute coincidentally, found out that he was seated next to Dr Stefanie Ortolan, a pediatrician from France.

The pair helped the Nigerian who was also in coach and was complaining of chest pains and dizziness.