Paul Okoye
Paul Okoye. Source: Instagram.

Paul Okoye, former member of defunct singing group Psquare, has openly condemned taking charitable activities to the public.

The singer and songwriter says this in view of the numerous charitable activities posted on Instagram and other social media platforms.

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He posted a photo of a statement by Agent Steven on Instagram which called posting charitable works on social media an action that feed one’s ego and wrote:

“I agree, but same time I do not agree with this…..sometimes you put it up out there to encourage others, but at the end it’s between you and God? pls it’s your choice, which ever way you want to touch people’s life pls do ? especially at this time of the year… that person who’s hungry and suffering no send your choice ??pls help in silence, public,socialmedia, any way you want to go about it, it’s your choice, help is help ? let me come and be going??‍♂️ before some mad people go say “na who help epp”. #silence is my choice ?? l guarantee you that some pple will not even read sef ?”

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