Enyinna Nwigwe
Photo credit: Instagram.

Actor Enyinna Nwigwe has expressed indifference in taking the lead role in the sequel to box office movie “The Wedding Party”.

The actor revealed that teamwork made the much anticipated sequel a success.

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In a brief chat with Goldmyne TV, Nwigwe said he was excited about the movie.

“This not the first time I will be playing a lead role. I just did my job as an actor and I am glad everything came out well. I get excited when things are done rightly; teamwork makes things easy,” he said.

On why the movie is widely accepted and successful in Nigeria, he said it was because the movie reflected a typical Nigerian society.

“Nigerians know the movie because it is relatable. Most times, people now call me the Wedding Party, instead of my name. When a title becomes your name, then you know the production is not a joke,” he said.

On his role as Nonso in the movie, he said taking the bold step to propose was big, “But he was genuinely happy to accept the fact that it was time to be a man. He thought he was not ready for marriage, but when the mistake happened, he didn’t want to hurt her because he cared so much about her.”

“If a lady I like thinks I proposed to her in reality and says yes, I will probably get married to her as well. If I care about a woman, I will want to be considerate because I don’t want to hurt her.”