Former PDP Chairman, Shehu Shagari
Bilyaminu and Maryam at their wedding in 2015. Photo by Maigaskiya Photography.

Mohammed, grandson of former President Shehu Shagari, has condemned the brutal killing of Bilyaminu Bello, son of former National Chairman of PDP.

He took to his Facebook page on Thursday to lambaste those who are defending Maryam Sanda, wife of the deceased, who allegedly stabbed her husband to death.

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Shagari revealed that he knew Bilyaminu personally, adding that Maryam’s action was uncalled for.

According to him, killing should never be an option to any misunderstanding.

“Only a stupid person can stand to defend Maryam who have stabbed her husband thrice to death. And only a foolish person would think that the world would believe it was a fight. And only a heartless person would say he deserved death for whatever reason,” he wrote.

“In case you do not even know, she reportedly stabbed him near a prayer mat which he often used to perform salaah. So she either killed him while he was praying or when he finished or about to start. Because she can’t overpower him.

”For those who are also trying to say that it was a drug influence, even the worse enemy of Bilya knows it is a bad argument to be brought forth, because Bilya does not smoke even cigarette which some of our fathers and mothers smoke decently.

“Yes, he smokes shisha like most of your children, brothers and sisters. And shisha is not toxic. Perhaps, it is something else. The husband killer too is not known for drugs. She’s simply a spoiled brat who thought she can get away with anything including murder. She reportedly was saying that he deserved what he got.

”And finally, beware, anybody defending the actions of that dark soul woman is capable of doing the same.”