Charly Boy
‘We are suspending protest to re strategize’-Charly Boy

Nigerian ace entertainer Charles Chukwuemeka Oputa popularly known as Charly Boy has rained heavy curses on corrupt leaders and youths in Nigeria.

The co-convener of the OurMumuDonDo movement took to Twitter to call on all the ‘ancestral gods’ in Nigeria to deal with corrupt leaders and youths.

He wrote “Since prayers no touch evil Nigerians again. I call on our powerful ancestral Gods to protect us from the hands of Evildoers in Nigeria.

“In the name of Amadioha,Sango,Magiro may the principalities die

“To those who ruined Nigeria and brought untold hardship unto my people may it never be well with your household and generations.

“Any youth again who will carry ballot box or suitcase for these political criminals may your life remain wretched

“To the cabals may all stolen money be returned to the people

“May God punish bad people.”