Pastor Enoch Adeboye during the special Independence Day service . Twitter

A senior advocate of Nigeria (SAN) Femi Falana has advised the General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, Pastor EA Adeboye, to focus on the poor.

The SAN said this at the ongoing 2017 Lagos Book and Arts Festival (LABAF) holding at Freedom Park, Lagos.

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According to the human rights lawyer, church congregants have given so much to these pastors but instead of giving back to the society, they continue to milk out money from their congregants.

Taking a swipe at Pastor Adeboye, Falana said some clerics prefer to build more branches instead of providing education and hospital that will be very affordable for the public.

His words:

“Most of the richest pastors in the world are from Nigeria, yet our people are getting poorer.

“If many of us had not attended mission schools built by the Catholics and the Anglicans…but what are we building now? What are our churches giving us?

“They are promising to build churches in every street. All the warehouses in Apapa built by Awolowo have all become churches and business centres.”

Falana supported Cardinal Anthony Olubunmi Okogie who condemned the comment of Adeboye to build more churches, stating that there is no Godliness in increasing the numbers of churches.

Okogie said: “I heard that one of my colleagues, (Pastor Enoch) Adeboye, said that he would love to build churches everywhere so as to make it easy for worshippers to walk to them.

“But for me, that is a useless statement. How can you say you will build churches everywhere? What kind of churches are you talking about?

“Look at traffic in Lagos for example, and those who are pastors are traders and a good number of them are business men. Such churches in most cases are more like business houses!

“Look at the number of churches springing up in Lagos. If the Muslims start building mosques like that, does it show that Nigeria is a religious country?”