MMM founder Sergey Mavrodi

Four years after leaving prison in 2011, MMM founder Sergey Mavrodi granted a Russian journalist Tsvetelina Mitevaan an interview in which he described MMM pyramid as the most potent strategy to accumulate other people’s money to pursue his agenda.

Mavrodi said that people who lost money in his first pyramid are not angry at him and that many of them have already joined his next pyramid structure.

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Mavrodi who said though he planned to fatten his wallet from the pyramid structure said that he was also planning to do Russia a favour.

Below is an excerpt of the interview’s transcript:

Asked what his goal was when around 180, 000 residents of western Europe and United States lost money in one of his crashed pyramid structure, Mavrodi said his goal was to destroy the western economy.

“My goal was to destroy western stock market. And I almost achieved this goal. I wanted to accumulate all Western resources and then use them in Russia’s favour.”

Mavrodi who described the global economy and banks as unjust pyramid structures says his ultimate plan is to use his MMM pyramid to wipe out all the existing global pyramid.

He said his first plan is to use his MMM pyramid to mop up lots of fund, then proceed to the next phase of his plan.

Asked what is the second stage, Mavrodi answered coyly, “When I get there, you will see it.

“Their will be an apocalypse in the world. I will trigger it. Everything is still to come.

“When I left prison, I said this. Everybody has forgotten. But the game is not over, only the first set has been played. Second is nearing,” he said.

Asked when to expect the financial apocalyse, he answered, “Are you afraid? According to the Bible 42 months, you still have time.

See part of the interview granted in 2011 below:

MMM Nigeria

Mavrodi has not given up on his plans to fatten his pocket and crash the world economy. He has since devised ways to identify and penetrate vulnerable nations to mop up funds for his agenda. On of such countries happen to be Nigeria.

MMM launched in Nigeria in December 2015 with many Nigerians buying into pyramid scheme; ignoring warnings from government and regulatory agencies. Nigerians were reported to have invested money running into billions of naira into MMM Nigeria.

However, following signs that all is not well with the pyramid scheme, MMM Nigeria suspended its activities in December 2016 (approx. a year after launch) after weeks of struggling to meet up with payment requests.

Prior to the suspension, there was a lot of noise in trying to identify the brain behind the scheme in Nigeria with some fingers pointing at South Africa-based Nigerian pastor Ernest Mbanefo and other point at a certain Chuddy Ugorji.

During the December 2016 suspension, widely-acclaimed national leader Chuddy disappeared from public domain. He also maintained silence on accusations that he embezzled participant’s billions of naira by matching the funds to himself.

Meanwhile, the alleged No. 2 man in MMM Nigeria hierarchy Odeyemi Yinka goes about trying to quell the panic and apprehension created by the suspension, albeit unsuccessfully.

Below is one of such messages on social media on January 19.

Reactions on MMM Nigeria No. 2 man’s facebook update

Since it resumed activities in January 2017, MMM has been unable to pay members entitlements in full, making many lose faith in the system and cut short their losses.

Apparently done with the Nigerian mop up exercise, the Ponzi scheme quickly moved on to Kenya in August 2016 as founder Mavrodi continues to execute his plan to mop-up funds worldwide and crumble world economy in Russia’s favour.

Whether Mavrodi will succeed in his plan is left to be seen, but with the official winding down of MMM Nigeria announced on Saturday coming with no repercussion as it is everywhere he goes, it’s not hard to see that the Russian genius will go far with his notorious plan.