Comedian Seyi Law performing in an event/Facebook

Popular Nigerian comedian Seyi Law has suggested that many jobs would be lost to the technology of Artificial Intelligence robotics in the near future, such that only entrepreneurs and very brilliant people will survive.

In a recent Instagram post, the comedian said that Nigeria is not developing its human capacity at the same pace technology is moving.

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He said, “If you are of my generation and dreaming of sending your children to school so they can come out and look for jobs, you are living in the past with no thoughts of the future.

“In another 60 years, many jobs will be taken over by ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE robots and if you are not an entrepreneur or an incredibly needed brain, only God knows what will happen.

“Technology is moving at a fast pace and we are not even developing our human capacity to meet the demands.”

Seyi Law berated telecommunication companies in the country, who he said give jobs Nigerians are most qualified for to foreigners who end up offering poor services.

“Telecommunications companies are sub-letting jobs to foreigners in areas our citizens are most qualified. These foreigners are cutting corners and embarrassing us with poor services, but we find it difficult to sack them because secrets are already let loose in their hands,” he said.

He warned that this is the time for Nigeria to tackle its failures, especially as it concerns equipping students with the desire for self development before it becomes too late.

“A computer science graduate who never saw a desktop in the laboratory is being told to produce a laptop. Of course, he did by simply gathering information on Google replicating another’s idea without self development or hunger to do something different. We had better start tackling our hurdles of failures now before time elapse,” the comedian continued.

He further said that much were not expected from both President Muhammadu Buhari and Former President Goodluck Jonathan and alleged that both leaders lacked intelligence, even though they surrounded themselves with intelligent people who ended up cheating them.

“Your President can’t register himself on Twitter and you expect him to be a champion of the revolution of REDHAT. Integrity without INTELLIGENCE is STUPIDITY. I am sorry, it is crude, but that is what it is. A man with integrity surrounded by intelligent people will be cheated without his knowledge.

“If you think I am lying, ask Jonathan and when you are done there, ask BUHARI. Nigeria will be great and my hairs will not be grey before the explosion of our greatness will be visible,” he concluded.