English FA Apologises To Eniola Aluko Over Coach's Racial Remarks
Eniola Aluko/AFP

The English FA have apologised to Eniola Aluko for racial remarks made to her by former England Women’s team coach.

Mark Sampson joked that he hoped her Nigerian relatives would not bring the dreaded disease Ebola to London on a proposed visit.

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He was found guilty after investigators published their report.

“I have concluded that on two separate occasions, MS (Mark Simpson) has made ill-judged attempts at humour, which, as a matter of law, were discriminatory on the grounds of race within the meaning of the Equality Act 2010,” Newton wrote in her report.”

While apologising to Eniola, the FA Chief Executive Mark Glenn said: “I would like to sincerely apologise to Eniola Aluko and Drew Spence. Based on new evidence submitted to independent barrister Katharine Newton, she has now found that they were both subject to discriminatory remarks made by an FA employee. This is not acceptable.”