Facebook Founder, Mark Zuckerberg/oursocialtimes.com

Facebook has launched a service that will allow its users to order food for takeout or delivery using its social media platform.

The service has been on trial since last year, and will now roll out everywhere in the US, on iOS, Android and desktop, according to the Company.

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Users can browse restaurants nearby by visiting the Order Food section in the Explore menu, check out food options and then select Start Order when they are ready.

The service will also connect for restaurant services where users might already have an account for, such as Delivery.com. For those wishing to sign up for Delivery.com, for example, they will be able to do so without leaving Facebook.

Facebook will work for a number of food ordering services like EatStreet, Delivery.com, DoorDash, ChowNow and Olo, as well as restaurants like Jack in the Box, Five Guys, Papa John’s, and Panera. People will also be able to see what friends say about a restaurant before ordering food.