Tagbo. Source: Instagram.

A family friend to the family of deceased Tagbo Umeike has revealed that he reportedly died after taking about 10 shots of tequila.

The family friend identified as Damilola Usman, said that the family of the deceased is not ready to give out any information for now, as they are still mourning the deceased.

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Usman told PUNCH on Wednesday that the death of Tagbo which was first revealed by his lover, actress Caroline Danjuma is still under investigation by the Nigerian Police force.

He said that, “However, what happened was that we went to a joint together called the Shisha Room. In the Shisha Room, we had a competition of Tequila shot. Each person had to take 10 shots of Tequila and after the competition, Tagbo passed out. Nobody took him to the hospital because everybody was high already. We did not know that it was something serious.”

“I learnt they went to the beach later and I think he passed out at the beach again. His friends that accompanied him to the beach did not attend to him on time but eventually when they suspected that there was something wrong, they allegedly dropped him in front of the hospital with his car,” he added.

Meanwhile, Nollywood actress, Caroline Danjuma had accused Davido of abandoning the deceased Tagbo at a General hospital in Lagos when he passed out after his birthday party. She also said that when Davido was invited to the police station to give a statement, he failed to honour the invitation.