Scene of the mass shooting in Las Vegas on Sunday (photo: Getty Images)

No fewer than 58 people have been killed and hundreds injured in a mass shooting at a Las Vegas concert on Sunday.

Below are pictures of the attack which is regarded as the worst in recent American history.

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Hundreds of shots were said to have been fired into an event with 22,000 people attending. (photo: Getty Images)
The gunman, according to reports, was on the 32nd floor of a hotel across the road from an open air concert. (photo: EPA)
Police stopped this man after he drove down Tropicana Avenue. (Photo: Getty Images)
Police said the sole suspect, Stephen Paddock, shot and killed himself in a hotel room full of guns. (photo: Getty Images)
According to the BBC, a person thought to have been travelling with Paddock was later found outside the country. (photo: Reuters)
The incident happened on the last day of the festival. (photo: Reuters)
Some people were asked by the police to stay away from the Las Vegas Strip. (photo: Getty Images)
People fled the area amid the attack. (photo: Getty Images)
Festival-goers try to escape during the attack (photo: Getty Images)
Festival-goers stunned over the attack. (photo: Getty Images)