Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Air Peace Airline, Allen Onyema. Photo: Twitter

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Air Peace Airline, Allen Onyema, says government is incapable of handling businesses in Nigeria.

Onyema made this known while reacting to the proposed concession of 22 airports across the country including the Murtala Muhammed Airport, Lagos, and the Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport in Abuja.

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Workers in the aviation sector have vowed to resist the planned privatisation of the airports, citing security of their jobs after the concessioning.

But, Onyema believes government has no business in operating the airports and urged for the manifestation of the policy.

”Let me say this, government has no business doing business; that is the truth. The Nigerian government has no business operating the airports as businesses; that again is the truth,” he told Daily Sun.

”So, if the present Federal Government has taken the decision to concession the Lagos and Abuja airports to private firms, I tell you, that that is the right thing to do. Look at MMA2 (the second domestic terminal of the Murtala Muhammed Airport, Lagos), which had been concessioned to a private firm, look at the infrastructure and you will agree with me that it is the best airport in Nigeria today.

”So concessioning is good for us. But you must note that when the government is doing business, there is the tendency for the government to over employ. And when you over employ people, it does not help the business grow and prosper, rather such businesses will continue to go down.

”In concessioning the airports, what the government has to do is to ensure that a lot of Nigerians don’t lose their jobs. The government needs to assure the airport workers in particular that they won’t lose their jobs,” he said.