Tonto Dikeh with son King Andre

Newly-released evidence by Lagos-based investigative journalist Azuka Ogujiuba have all but quashed Tonto Dikeh’s claim of being a victim of domestic abuse from ex-husband Olakunle Churchill.

Tonto Dikeh had placed heavy curses on Azuka for revealing in interviews that her claims of being a victim of domestic abuse were false. She said Azuka will not find peace, love, happiness and wealth till she (Tonto Dikeh) forgives her.

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To back up her claims, Azuka released strong photo and video evidence from her deep investigation into Tonto Dikeh’s claims. Most of the evidence released quash Tonto’s claims of being the victim in the messy break-up with her husband Olakunle Churchill.

Investigative journalist Azuka Ogujiuba of Mediaroom Hub

Azuka’s investigations involved travelling as far as Ghana to gather evidence against Tonto.

Azuka released images that strongly suggest that Tonto Dikeh stage-managed the domestic abuse imbroglio.

Evidence stack up against Tonto claims. Photo: Mediaroom Hub

Pictures of ownership certificates of cars which Olakunle Churchill bought for Tonto, but which Tonto denied, were also released.

Tonto’s proof of car ownership certificate. Photo: Mediaroom Hub

Azuka also revealed that contrary to Tonto’s claims that Olakunle couldn’t pay for her dowry, he had given Tonto Dikeh an engagement ring worth $45,000.

How possible is it for someone who bought a ring of $45,000 for his bride to not be able to afford dowry for same bride? Photo: Mediaroom Hub

See video below for more evidence that allegedly nullify Tonto Dikeh’s allegations of domestic abuse: