Tiwa savage
Tiwa smoking Shisha. Source: Instagram.

Screenshots of Nigerian songstress Tiwa Savage smoking at a nightclub have surfaced online.

The singer, alleged to have been smoking Shisha, had earlier shared the moment via Instagram Live, a short-term media sharing service provided by Instagram.

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What is Shisha?

Shisha or Sheesha is a tobacco mixed with molasses or honey that is usually smoked with a water pipe called a hookah.

Shisha is unique because unlike tobacco in cigar which contains industrial chemicals that may be harmful to the health, shisha is made of only natural substances which come in different flavors.

Meanwhile, the World Health Organization Study Group on Tobacco Produce Regulation (TOBREG) revealed that contrary to the popular belief that the smoke that comes from a water pipe contains numerous toxicants known to make one vulnerable to lung cancers, smoking shisha exposes one to a sufficient dose of nicotine which causes addiction.

TOBREG further revealed that smoking shisha is equivalent to smoking one pack of cigarettes, which exposes shisha smokers to the same hazards of cigarette smokers.