MonkeysA dozen monkeys found dead in India reportedly suffered a simultaneous cardiac arrest after they were frightened by a Tiger.

A post-mortem confirmed that the animals died of multiple heart seizures after they came in contact with the wild life.

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Veterinary experts confirmed their deaths, Daily Mail reports.

Prior to the post-mortem, people suspected that the 12 monkeys had died from food poison

Veterinary doctor Sanjeev Kumar said, “It was confirmed in the post-mortem result that the monkeys died due to cardiac arrest.

“The monkeys could have died due to tiger’s roar as tigers often traverse that area.”

Some villagers also affirmed that the tigers were often in the area and were heard roaring at the time of their deaths.

Meanwhile. some wildlife experts have condemned the post-mortem results, stating that the mammals could have died from infection.

Another veterinary doctor Brijendra Singh told Times of India that, “Monkeys are a wild animal and they don’t die in this manner. All the monkeys might have been suffering from some infection that claimed their lives.”