MI Abaga
Photo credit: Facebook.

Music critic Osagie Alonge received a talking-to from ace rapper MI Abaga for using the ‘F’ words while talking to him.

MI sent his warning after the music critic took to his social media page to tell him that his last album ‘The Chairman’ is wack.

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Nigerians lauded the artiste for his maturity and patience for condoning Osagie who was shouting and using swear words, in a viral video.

The video is an extract from an interview where the music critic called the rapper out for his ‘Chairman’ album which he said contains ‘wack’ lyrics.

He said: “Chairman is your weakest album out of your three albums.

“Production quality is 100%, collaborative process 100% but lyrics f**king wack.

“That is what it is, i’m telling you the truth.

“If you have all these bloody motherfuc***king yes-men around you, they won’t tell you the truth.”

In a calm and collected manner, MI told the critic never to use swear words for him.

“Don’t ever use those words like f**king at me again.

“I accept your apology that you have not said.”