Wife of adulterous bishop hits him in public

By Rashidat Akashat

There was an epic fight after a Kenyan preacher was caught in illicit sexual act with his pregnant sister-in-law.

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The 40-year-old pastor, Timothy Wanyoike, was caught in Nyeri town in Kenya with his 21-year-old pregnant sister-in-law Scholar Kariuki.

They were caught in Scholar’s one-bedroom apartment by her husband Macharia.

Upon discovery of their adulterous behaviour, Macharia pounced on the man with kicks and blows.

According to Wanyoike, the two have been involved in the illicit affair for the past four years.

Macharia said that he started keeping surveillance on his wife after he read the text messages between her and her brother-in-law.

He further said he mapped out a plan to catch her in the act with the man by lying to her about travelling on a field assignment.

Residents of the area, who were present when the alarm blew, joined Machara to beat the adulterous pastor.

Star Newspaper reported that Wanyoike’s wife, Margaret also joined the aggrieved residents in ”teaching the pastor a lesson”.

After an almost endless rounds of beating, the police eventually rescued Wanyoike, who was badly wounded, and took him to Nyeri divisional station.