Married Woman
Kate Elizabeth Prichard. Photo credit: DailyMail UK

By Rashidat Akashat

A newly married woman who threatened to kill her husband few hours after she said ‘I do’ has been arrested by police operatives in Tennessee, US.

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Kate Elizabeth Prichard is alleged to have put a gun in her husband’s head few hours after they exchanged marital vows.

According to the BBC, the police revealed they saw the couple fighting when they arrived at the motel where they lodged.

BBC learnt that Elizabeth pulled a gun out of her wedding dress during the argument.

Police Sergeant Kyle Evans said, “She pulled out of her wedding dress a 9mm pistol, pointed it at her new husband’s head and pulled the trigger.”

The police officer added that she loaded a round of bullets into the chamber of the gun and fired a shot in the air, causing bystanders to flee for safety.

Elizabeth who was still in her wedding dress when she was arrested, faces aggravated domestic assault charges. The officers were able to recover the weapon in a bathroom.