Sensei Uche
SenseiUche. Photo credit: Instagram

By Rashidat Akashat

Radio presenter with City 105.1FM Sensei Uche has revealed that he has stage three cancer.

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Uche disclosed on Instagram that he was diagnosed with Nasal lymphoma.

The journalist explained through the social media platform that the ailment has kept him away from work for a long time.

Uche said it all started in 2016 when he realised that he was gradually losing his sense of hearing, with an onset nasal congestion and a persistent sore throat. He then sought medical attention.

He was, however, diagnosed with nasal infection which he treated then but his situation worsened. :Later, he was forced to do a wide scan where a growth was detected in his upper nasal tract measuring 8.5cm and 3cm wide. It was after this treatment that another scan revealed he had stage 3 Nasal lymphoma cancer.

Hello everyone, my name is Uche Agbai, many of you may know me as ‘SenseiUche’ of City 105.1FM. Those of you who do may have also noticed I have been off air for an unusually long time. In appreciation of the concerned messages and loving support that I have received I would like to take this opportunity to explain the circumstances of my absence. The story began sometime in December 2016. I had slowly come to realise that I was losing sense of hearing in my left ear. With the onset of persistent nasal congestion and a recurring sore throat I sought medical attention. After visiting a number of hospitals all of whom subjected me to several tests, I was told I had simply been suffering from an infection. I began my treatment in the hopes the symptoms would clear. The symptoms worsened and I started having severe nose bleeds. I was then advised to consult an Ear, Nose and Throat specialist. After several scans, an MRI scan of my head revealed an unidentified growth in my upper nasal tract measuring 8.5cm and 3cm wide, my blood ran cold. The discovery cast my life into limbo, suddenly confronted with several frightening prognoses; potential blindness, partial deafness, anosmia or worse. After undergoing surgery, a biopsy of the mass returned the diagnosis; cancer. Analysis of my scans would show I had a stage 3 nasal lymphoma. To this day I cannot quite find the words to describe the emotions of helplessness and despair that beset me. It was as though my life had suddenly and without fair warning, been brought to a screeching halt. I was advised on the high risk of my situation with the danger that the cancer could metastasise and spread to my brain. Compounded by my struggle in finding adequate medical care in Nigeria, I felt as though I was in a lopsided battle against time for my wellbeing.

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