Sambasa Nzeribe
Nollywood actor Sambasa Nzeribe. Photo credit: Instagram

By Rashidat Akashat

Handsome Nollywood actor Sambasa Nzeribe has revealed that he would have been a footballer if he had not gone into the movie industry.

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The great role interpreter who played the character of the wedding thief in Nollywood blockbuster ‘The Wedding Party”, said this on Tuesday.

Sambasa took to his Instagram page to recount his journey and rise to stardom, revealing that he initially wanted to become a footballer but couldn’t.

He wrote: “TIME AND TIME AGAIN, I ask myself… what if? God did not send a film maker along my path when I was in my third year Creative Arts Department, University of Lagos.

‘A MILE FROM HOME’ by Eric Aghimien @ericaghimien shot in 2012 was my very first. I initially wanted, and trained to be a footballer…but I cannot now go and kill myself?…to Eric, and to all the Film makers in Nigeria and the World, thank you for changing lives, you’re all loved by so many, thanks?”