Wanlov KubolorBy Rashidat Akashat

Controversial Ghanaian singer, Wanlov Kubolor, has revealed that he can go a week without sex because he masturbates at most twice a week.

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The singer who was recently interviewed on ‘The Adwen’ TV show on e,TV Ghana, said mastrurbating satisfies his sexual urge in the absence of a woman and it helps relieve him of sperm ‘so it does not get spoilt in’ him.

Wanlov who was born by a Romanian mother and a Ghanaian father is famous for his explicit songs and videos.

According to the 36-year-old instead of lying to a lady in order to make love to her, he would rather masturbate.

He said:

“Once in awhile, it is good to masturbate. As for me once in a week or twice in a week if I don’t have sex I will masturbate in order to release the sperm so that it does not get spoilt in me. Instead of going to lie to a girl before I can sleep with her, I will rather masturbate.”