Tonto DikehBy Rashidat Akashat

The failed marriage of Nigerian actress, Tonto Dikeh, and the details have become tiring for some of her fans, who are stressing that she stops talking about it.

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Earlier this year, the actress, who is a mother of one, hinted her fans about a marriage crisis, when she deleted her estranged husband’s photo Olakunle Churchill from her Instagram page.

Eager fans started to quiz, plead and preach that the actress reconcile with her husband, resulting in several accusations and counter-accusations.

First was that her husband was a serial cheat, another was him being an irresponsible father, and a wife-beater.

Tonto further dragged the name of a budding Nollywood actress, Rosaline Meurer, into the mix, alleging that she ruined her marriage.

Then she accused her mother-in-law of having a questionable closeness with her son.

This has not been neglected by her estranged husband who initially wanted to reconcile with the actress, refuting all the allegations, adding that the actress is possessed.

In a recent interview, after months of numerous revelations, some fans have expressed dismay about wanting to hear what went wrong in her failed marriage, urging her to move on.

A certain @toniaanuli wrote on Instagram: “Why is she making this guy feel so important if he isn’t to come back to you baby girl move on all this you are doing will be giving him more moral.”

Another fan @__alphamale__wrote: “All of a sudden, it looks like a movie. #Propaganda”

Then @fadebolami wrote: “Nawao… This is a campaign nah. The only thing pple wait for is just that perfect time to crucify.”

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