Stephanie OtoboBy Rashidat Akashat

Sister to Canada-based Nigerian singer Stephanie Otobo has been accused by a social media user of scamming a Sapele guy in the United States $1,300.

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The social media user who identified Otobo’s sister as Blessing Lube, took to Facebook to write: “BREAKING NEWS…STEPHANIE OTOBO SISTER ABSCOND WITH SAPELE GUYS MONEY IN USA.

“This lady wearing nurse uniform is the sister of Stephanie Otobor.
the girl who was reported to have had scandal with the preacher, Apostle Johnson Suleiman.

”Stephie Otobo Elder Sister whose facebook name is Blessing Lube was reported to have duped a Sapele Senior bros the sum of $1,300.00 in USA. It was gathered that she paid a visit to him and after been given the treatment of a brother who saw her long gone sister, she absconded with his money. It was giving a suit case full of female clothing’s and giving a hundred dollar!

”It is a shame that this kind of people are the ones making our brothers and sisters outside the country not to assist fellow Safarians.”