Daddy FreezeBy Rashidat Akashat

Popular OAP Daddy Freeze has reacted to the confessions made by kidnap kingpin Evans, saying that his wife used to live extravagantly.

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This is contrary to the confessions of the arrested kidnapper’s wife who claimed that she had no idea what her husband did for a living and was not living an extravagant life.

According to the Radio personality, who is also a social media analyst, Uche, wife of Evans, who does not speak proper English, drove the latest 2016/2017 Lexus car.

He wrote: “Going live in 15 minutes! Breaking!!

”I just found out today, from a friend of mine who lives 2 houses away from Evans, that Evans kids allegedly go to the same school as my kids? ?

”Can you imagine????????

”According to my friend, the latest 2016/2017 Lexus, like the one pictured above, is what he had allegedly seen the wife drive several times.

”He said that his own wife used to wonder how a woman who couldn’t speak english could drive such an expensive car. He assumed that he was a successful igbo trader.

”Join me for a live Instagram video in 15 minutes as we discuss this.”