Uche OdoputaBy Rashidat Akashat

Nollywood actor, producer and director, Uche Odoputa has recounted his sad experience and arrest for trafficking drugs in the past.

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The actor who was arrested in 2007 by the Nigerian Drug Law Enforcement Agency for drug trafficking and was imprisoned for two years and almost a month for the same crime, revealed his regrets and his future plans on BroadWay Africa TV.

Uche said that he was pushed to drug trafficking due to his then difficult life situations. He explained that he wanted to transform his life conditions at all cost without thinking of the consequences because he wasn’t getting any reasonable movie roles to take care of himself and his family.

The actor added that his colleagues abandoned him them for obvious reasons, and that he holds no grudge towards them for that, as he had time to learn from his mistakes.

He also said his major regret was letting his family down by allowing his London friends take undue advantage of his situation by dragging him into the shameful act.

The Chief Livinus character in popular TV series ‘Husband of Lagos’, clarified that he doesn’t take drugs, that the arrest was the first time, he was seen with the substance.

He expressed gratitude for another opportunity to live freely, stressing that he would never travel that route again.