Ebube NwagboBy Rashidat Akashat

Famous Nollywood actress, Ebube Nwagbo has talked on domestic violence, stressing that no woman should remain in any abusive relationship.

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Emphasizing on her opinion, the actress took to Snapchat, to say that whoever is in an abusive relationship is not a strong woman, stating clearly that a strong woman is one who walks away from any abusive relationship.


In her words: “I don’t know why a grown up woman will choose to stay in an abusive relationship/marriage… All because you want to stay married/ situationship!! No man has the right to touch a woman, whether married or not.

“Being in an abusive relationship isn’t only when he hits you… Emotional abuse, verbal abuse, physical abuse… among others… Flee for your life, sanity and self worth #He doesn’t deserve you#”

“People will be in ‘situationship’ and be claiming relationship/marriage.”

“Shout out to every strong woman that had the courage and strength to leave an abusive marriage… You are the true definition of a strong woman. #The lord will always be our strength, So help us God.”