davidoBy Rashidat Akashat


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Davido’s alleged baby mama has declared that she is not happy with the DMW boss who recently birth another child in Atlanta.

Ayomide Labinjo who has accused Davido of impregnating her and ignoring their daughter Mitchell said she couldn’t careless if he has another child with Amanda.

Speaking with PUNCH Labinjo whose daughter had been rejected by the artiste in public was totally upset with the news.

According to her, “Our lawyer has sent a letter to Davido’s father since April 20, 2017, we have not got any response till now. I am not happy about this whole situation. Why would I be happy for Davido? He should be taking care of Mitchell the same way he is taking care of Imade and I know how he is going to take good care of this one. What is my own offence?”

Speaking about the singer’s doubt in the fact that the child might not be his, Labinjo emphasized that she was not raped and that she has sent a letter to his parent in April.

“What do you mean please? Then why isn’t he coming out for the DNA since he is denying the little girl? Why has his father refused to get back to the lawyer? David is the father of my daughter, at least I was not raped. I know who impregnated me! Besides, if he doesn’t want to go for the DNA, he has siblings. Let them come out or probably go the traditional way to know if she is their daughter or not,” she said.

“I don’t know and I don’t care about any ‘Americana;’ all I want is for him to take care of Mitchell. She’s also his daughter and first child for that matter,” she added.